Seasonal Restaurant

Winter, December - Spring, April - Summer, August

Opening its doors in August 2017, the Free Company established Scotlands first fully seasonal restaurant. Located in their reclaimed hayloft events space, the restaurant is open for just three months of the year. Conceptually based round the ethos of old Scottish farm dinners, The Free Company invite their local communities to share their produce celebrating the beginning or end of a season. The food served is grown, sourced and foraged as locally as possible to highlight the vast wealth of seasonal food Scotland has to offer. The Free Company is proud to run their restaurant on a "Pay as you wish" basis for the food. After making reservations online, it is up to the guests to pay what they believe the evening is worth. We've decided to operate this payment model to accommodate a wide spectrum of guests so they can enjoy good food, company and entertainment, something we believe should be assessable to everybody.

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